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What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization encompasses many tasks that all need to come together in one fluid motion in order to rank the websites within the search engine results pages which we first heard from our good friends over at detroit seo pro – Detroit seo company. Feel free to visit some of their social properties here: Detroit SEO Pro’s Google+ , Detroit SEO Pro’s Google Site. Meaning an individual must have the ability to understand both the search engines algorithms as well as understanding what needs to be put in place on a website in order to show up highly within the search engines which is the main goal of search engine optimization experts. Many people claim that they are search engine optimization experts but when it comes to ranking the sites they’ve never actually done it themselves nor do they have any proof to show any of their clients that they have the ability to rank within the serps. One of the things you must take in a consideration when hiring somebody to do something is whether or not they have successfully done it in the past and have the ability to continue to do it in the future this is hard for even the most seasoned of SEO experts, you can find out more on this topic by clicking here. Some of the things that search engine optimization encompasses is both the on page and the off page factors to a website.

The on page factors as anything that is actually found within the website within that websites code. Such as titles, meta-descriptions, URLs, inner URLs, H tags, and many other factors that the search engines read when determining what is on that website and what that website consists of. It does not actually matter what the website itself looks like as long as the code is easy to understand for the search engines. The search engines do not actually go to your website and look at the content within that website they simply read the code and from that code they understand what you are trying to rank for and then they will place you within their search engines for those given keywords. This is one of the reasons why off page optimization is so important. Off page optimization specifically tells the search engines what that website is about which helps them place that website higher in the serps for the given keywords that the off page optimization tells the search engines to place them for.

Off page optimization is virtually the links or anyone coming from the search engines to visit your site. The importance behind links is largely the fact that the anchor text associated to a given link tells the search engine exactly what that website is about. For example if you have a local plumber site and you get an anchor text that says the specific city are located in as well as a given keyword you are trying to rank for such as hot water heater or septic tank cleaning than the search engines know that you are in that location and your website is about the information that the anchor text stated. This helps the search engines to fully understand what your site is about and what kind of services or products you have available for people to find. So if people are in that given location searching for hot water heaters or septic tank cleaning then your website will be the most relevant for that topic because you have anchor text coming to your site specifically stating that’s what your site is about. This is one of the reasons why having a keyword within your URL can be so beneficial.

Because every time you get a link coming to your site that is naked or branded link (ex. will be getting a contextual anchor text link that has a keyword about your product or services within those links. This is one way that many affiliates gain the system because they will put an exact match keyword for their URL so every time they get a URL link pointing to their website will be a specific keyword that they are trying to rank for. These are called exact match domains and they can be extremely powerful but sometimes they can be extremely explosive because the search engines know exactly what you are doing and if you try to game the system you will get a red flag and often times will be scrutinize harder than other websites that don’t attempt to do this.

One thing you taken a consideration is that just because someone says that they can rank a website within the serps is not mean that they have the ability to do so because the search engines algorithms are continuously changing and having the ability to rank a website month after month takes a lot of research and development and often time at if an individual is not part of a group of search engine optimization experts they will be left behind because they will not be able to keep up-to-date with all the various changes that are happening within the search engines. Anybody can very easily claim to be a search engine optimization expert but whether or not actually possess the abilities to rank a website within the serps at their own will can only be proven by trial and error and often times many people that claim that they are a search engine optimization experts will not show you any sites that they’ve actually rank.

This is one of the biggest contribute factor that must be taken into consideration before hiring any search engine optimization expert to claims they will be out to rank your local website for any of the given keyword terms you wish to rank for because often times they will only possess the ability to destroy a business is website which is a vital asset to the overall profitability of a local business or national business.

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